My dearest Readers,
In the year of 1812 The Brother’s Grimm released a collection of fairy tales that didn’t sell very many copies. Little did they imagine we, in the year of 2018, would still be talking about their work! Herein I introduce…a twist!
Once Upon A Time…there was a duke who wore a brass key around his throat. No one in the kingdom knew what it unlocked until SHE came along…
Miss Magdalene Evelyn Barlow may be related to the Grimm brothers, but her life, even as an heiress, is anything but a fairy tale. Only one man can bring that tale to life: The Duke of Thornton. His gruff and isolating ways hide an overly passionate, guilt-ridden man who refuses to let any woman near until trouble-toting Magdalene rolls up her lace sleeves and introduces him to the scrubbing magic of…love.
​Length: Full length novel
Heat Level: Respectable people to swoon!
Era: Early Victorian
Location: London & Weymouth, England & Cassel, Germany.
Real Historical Figures: Featuring the Grimm Brothers!
This book is a standalone.

My dearest Reader,

Lip rouge is about to be smeared. Mangoes are about to be used in the most inappropriate of ways. Think you can handle a man who takes love a bit too seriously? Think again. Mr. Ridley is back and he’s about to steal more than Jemdanee’s heart for this devil is most certainly French! Join Jemdanee and unravel the riddle known as Ridley. Who is he? A man determined to hold onto love with his teeth.

Happy reading and thank you for being a reader!

Much love,

Delilah Marvelle

 Are you ready for the second installment of the Whipping Society Series?






BOOK 1, Mr. Ridley
BOOK 2, The Devil is French
BOOK 3, Reborn